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Who We Are

At Global Links we have a small office with a large warehouse in which we work. The warehouse is used by the staff for purposes of picking orders, and handling drop offs and pickups from delivery personnel. The office is used by all of our staff and is the primary place of work for us, and we have taken precautions in regards to COVID-19.

What We Are Doing

The office is equipped with a disposable masks box and hand sanitizer at each desk should the employee or any visitor feel the need to utilize them. Every morning each station is wiped down using alcohol based wipes (includes keyboards, mice, desks, door handles, etc). Visitors have been restricted during this time and are required to make appointments prior to coming.

Should an employee exhibit any of the symptoms for COVID-19 they will be told to stay home and our other staff will get tested for the virus. An email will be sent out to all of our customers warning them of the potential for contamination on the orders. As of October 1, 2020 there has been no such issue and we are operating normally.


All orders are hand picked by one staff member and checked by another prior to being sent out. At no time will any of the products be sanitized as that could potentially ruin the product, but rest assured we are not taking this lightly and employees handling the products are ensuring everything they touch is contaminant free (meaning no coughing, no sneezing, no blowing nose near the products and washing hands prior to picking orders).

Potential Risk

There will always be a potential for transmission on orders as we have no control once they leave our warehouse. From picking the order to delivery at your door there will be contact with unknown amounts of other people, including delivery drivers, warehouse staff, etc.

What You Can Do

Once an order arrives at your door step you may leave it somewhere for an amount of time before opening it to allow the virus to die naturally (please research how long the virus will last on surfaces as the research is ongoing and is subject to change). You may sanitize the boxes to lower the potential risk of there being any contaminants, but please be careful when using sanitizer on the products themselves as that could ruin the coating or cause rust.